What is Aeroponics


Aeroponics is an effective way of growing plants without soil. Unlike hydroponics, Aeroponic plants do not need growing medium. Instead, the plants are suspended in a dark chamber and roots are periodically sprayed with a fine mist of nutrient-rich solution. Aeroponics is economical and produces higher yields as compared to other growing methods.

Types of Aeroponic systems

There are two types of Aeroponics: low-pressure and high-pressure Aeroponics. What is the difference between these two types of Aeroponics?

High-pressure Aeroponics (HPA), are known as true Aeroponics and mainly used to grow vegetables. This is very complicated and most expensive type of growing system. HPA use fewer resources to support the plant growth; 60% less fertilizer, 98% less water, and 100% fewer pesticides. This system operates at high pressure to atomize nutrient solution to fine mist required by the roots of your plant. The spraying is done at intervals hence making the system very efficient.

On the other hand, Low-pressure Aeroponics (LPA) is much cheaper and easier to build. This system utilizes a standard pump coupled with PVC pipe and miniature sprinkler heads. The LPA pump run round the clock to wet the roots continually. However, LPA has lower efficiency as compared to HPA systems.

What can you grow in Aeroponics systems?

You can grow most plants in this system. Most leafy vegetables, herbs, and strawberries do well in Aeroponics systems. Also, you can grow small to medium sized flowers in this type of growing system.

Benefits of Aeroponics

#1. More oxygen 

In Aeroponics systems, more oxygen is available for the plants. In this case, the roots absorb oxygen directly from the air. The absorption of oxygen is faster when compared to roots embedded in the soil. Therefore, Aeroponics plants tend to grow faster than those planted in soil hence quicker harvests. The increased oxygen boosts the absorption of essential nutrients.

#2. Optimum humidity 

Humidity is vital for plant growth. In Aeroponics systems, nearly 100Percent of the humidity is maintained. In this case, the mixture of air and water create a humid environment. Moreover, the plants are shaded from the sun thus minimizing waste from the evaporation.

#3. Ecologically friendly 

This is one of the ecologically-friendly ways to grow plants in your home. Research shows that soils are prone to contamination from hazardous chemical and industrial waste. This can interfere with the nutrients balance in the soil that can lead to stunted growth in plants. In this case, Aeroponics is the way to prevent the crops from environmental toxins contamination.

#4. Easy to clean 

The plants grown in Aeroponic systems are easy to clean since there are no debris or dirt. Moreover, harvesting is easy since there is no soil to obstruct the plants.

#5. No need for pesticides 

Plants that grow in Aeroponic systems are not treated with pesticides or other chemicals. In this case, such plants are safe for consumption and pose no threat to the health of the users.


Aeroponics is one the most efficient ways for growing crop indoors. The Aeroponic plants mature faster with higher yields as compared to other growing methods. Moreover, the plants are safe since they are free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

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