Things To Know Before Growing Plants in Grow Tents

Growing in a grow tent is becoming popular day by day. Most growers prefer grow tents because of its simplicity and less space requirement. Moreover, anyone can start growing plants in a grow tent.


Here are some important points to note before starting growing in a grow tent.

Choosing the Size of grow tents:

There are several sizes of grow tents available. If you are growing only a couple of plants like weeds then you can choose a small grow tent. On the other hand if you are growing hundreds of plants then you can choose large grow tents. Some popular sizes of grow tents are 4×4 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent and 10×10 grow tent.

The Gorilla 4×4 grow tent is for beginners. This is also suitable for people who wish to grow weeds. However, check with your local rules before growing weeds.

The Gorilla 8×8 grow tent is for moderate users. These are users with past experience with grow tent and wish to go large with their growing. This is also ideal of people who wish to grow plants like eggplant, ladies finger, and other vegetable related plants.

The Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is for advance users. These are users with advance growing needs. If you wish to grow several small plants then you need to opt for this grow tent.

Out of all these grow tents the 8×8 size is popular.

Choosing Growing Medium:

Grow tents come in two mediums. One is called the soil and the other water. Plants grow better int he water solution as you can easily calculate required nutrition. With water as growing medium you can easily handle the growing medium.

Soil is meant for starters. there is no hassle with soil. You just plant the seeds and they germinate and grow. All you have to do is water from time to time.

Choosing the Grow Lights:

Grow lights is one other thing. There are two types of grow lights available. They are HPS grow lights and LED grow light.

LED grow lights are more power saving and bright. They are suitable for beginners. Moreover, they do not produce as much heat as the HPS lights produce.

On the other hand, some plants need heat to grow. These plants are tropical plants. Without necessary heat they will wither and die. Or worst their produce will be bare minimum. Hence, if your plant falls under the category of topical then you need HPS lighting system.

Indoors vs Outdoors:

Most people will place their grow tents inside their home. However, there are some who prefer outdoors.

Placing grow tents indoor is the best option. As your grow tent is safeguarded from climatic conditions. You can buy any type of grow tent without thinking twice.

However, if you are placing grow tents outdoors then you should purchase a Gorilla grow tent only. Gorilla grow tents are harder and they withstand climatic conditions better. They are sturdier and there isn’t any other grow tent is terms of durability.

You can buy all sizes of Gorilla grow tents from here.

Grow tents also come in packages. The packages include all kits and accessories you need to grow  your plants. It all comes in bundle and all you have to is start.

If you are interested in buying a grow tent package check this site.


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