2’ x 4’Super Clone Grow Room written

If you are interested in hydroponic cloning, you should think about acquiring the 2’ x 4’Super Clone Grow Room. This system is highly effective for both amateur hobbyist and even professional farmers. Basically, the grow room is exceptional because it combines the a deep water culture cloning system for germinating plants and a tent designed to support long-term indoor growth. With a single 2’ x 4’Super Clone Grow Room, your cloning requirements will be made effortless. Here are the primary features and benefits of this hydroponic grow tent.

Tent Quality

The Super Clone grow tent is designed and manufactured to provide long-term durability and reliable services. The material is a damage-resistant and non-toxic product. Therefore, it will not experience accelerated degradation or release noxious fumes when exposed to heat or light. The room has an adjustable height, so you can modify it according to personal preferences.

Cloning System

The cloning system which supports the germinating plants is a deep water culture design. This means that your crops will have exceptional nourishment that they require for rapid growth and strong root development. The system can support up to fifty plants during the germinating, cloning and vegetating stages. The system also incorporates a cloning rack, so you can lift plants to the light without any physical strain.

Good Airflow

You will get great airflow with the 2’ x 4’Super Clone Grow Room. Consequently, you will limit problems associated with poor circulation such as mildew growth and bug invasion. The internal circulation fan is made with strong steel and coated with a protective layer to prevent rusting. This feature is placed strategically to maximize airflow for the tent for ideal performance. Additionally, there are some carbon filters installed in the grow room to prevent circulation of contaminants and bad odors.

Lighting and Power

The grow room comes with a high-powered light fixture that is rated at about twenty thousand lumens. This four-foot bulb is a cool spectrum bulb and it will provide the light energy that your plants require. When you purchase this Super Clone tent, you will also get a power strip and GFCI shock buster which will provide power while protecting you from power surges.

Other Included Components

There are other numerous components that are included in the grow room package. These include monitoring assets such as a digital thermometer and hygrometer, TDS meter and a timer. In addition, you will get rock wool cubes, an air pump, two large soil buckets and instructional video to provide you with the cloning and growth guidance.